Awakening, motor skills, socialization, autonomy, language and self-esteem are essential bases for bringing the child to an healthy development and discovering the world around him.

The child must be an ACTOR of his development to flourish (experiment, play, learn ...), to ensure his first steps towards the future with confidence and build the solid foundation of his personality.

For this reason, Perles d'Avenir implements each year a teaching program adapted to early childhood, which is taught through playful learning activities, many themes and awakening workshops.

Toddler Development:                The Learnings

Preparing each child for entry to school is an essential step where some learning will have to be acquired.

At Perles d'Avenir, we teach these learnings to all children:

- language

- autonomy

- intelligence

- fine and general motor skills

- socialization

Creative workshop

Reading time

The basics of early childhood: The Themes

The learning and development of children also goes through unavoidable bases.


At Perles d'Avenir, these bases are taught through many themes carefully thought, adapted and organized for our little ones. Both rich and innovative, our workshops bring also the happiness of all.


Our flowers market

Awakening to Yoga

Awakening & Discovery of the World:     Educational Projects

Just as important in the development of the little ones, his discovery and his awakening to the world around him will develop his curiosity, his understanding, his logic, his vocabulary, his openness ... etc.

Awakening and discovery are an integral part of the educational program of Perles d'Avenir and thus completes the quality of care.

Awakening and discovery to animals : pony

Discovery to sport : Olympics Games