Message of the Foundress

Perles d'Avenir Nursery is a true story of life, passion, sharing and evolution.


Meticulously thought and created in early 2012, we wanted to bring a little haven of peace for families and children living in Qatar. Away from the agitation of the city, away from the time which is running so fast, away from the endless hours of work, leaving parents in a serene mind.

A small haven of peace where all parents can entrust their children with closed-eyes, where each child grows up in a warm, healthy and secure environment, where educational and social notions are acquired for school entry and where each staff is happy to give the best.


In our constant pursuit of excellence, we have chosen to equip us with human and material resources and to apply the most advanced pedagogies and educational techniques to best to serve the development of children. We therefore work every day to offer our children a healthy educational environment conducive to their fulfillment and their global development.


Perles d'Avenir uses an approach to awaken little ones, by understanding the different components of their personalities and respecting them in their own rhythms. The objectives are to ensure their well being and accompany them to successfully adapt to the new world of school and acquire their autonomy gradually.


I would like to thank very sincerely all the parents who have trusted us throughout these long years. Those arrived with tears on their eyes that we were reassured, those slightly suspicious which we have knew how to gain their confidence, those so worried who allowed us to accompany them, those who registered with a blind trust in the quality of our service, or those who have registered their second child the next year or even their third and who prove to us every day our true value ...

Your loyalty, your smiles, your satisfaction, your confidence ... as well as your remarks are the driving force of our establishment: we thank you for it.


A huge thank you also to the entire team of Perles d'Avenir, who knew how to improve over the years, who was involved in all proposed projects, who knew how to maintain the good relationship and the good mood, who stays faith to the values of the nursery and is present every year. A multiethnic team, composed of different personalities but with the same sincere and human ideals: the well-being and development of kids.


A wonderful way that deserves only a long prosperity.

Virginie BAS

Foundress of Perles d'Avenir Nursery

& Director from 2012 to 2019

Our Team

At Perles d'Avenir, our team is multidisciplinary, regrouping French and French speakers:

- Early childhood educators

- Assistants Teachers

- Pediatric nurse

- Nutritionist

- Cleaners

- Guardian

- Administrative staff

Our History

Born from a personal and human project, Perles d'Avenir was created at the beginning of 2012. Its founder, Virginie BAS, wanted to bring a bit of renewal in Qatar, a childhood education in French, a modern pedagogy but above all, a particular quality of service to families and a safe, healthy and learning environment for little ones.


After its first years of constant evolution, perfection and professionalism, Perles d'Avenir Nursery is proud to show today a level of EXCELLENCE. Proud to have achieved its objectives: the satisfaction of the parents, the blossoming of its Pearls, a recognition of the Ministry of Social Affairs and an unequaled academic level.

Our Values

Why to choose Perles d'Avenir ?

What we guarantee you ...

  • Special attention to each child and parent
  • A very good ratio child/adult
  • Personalized educational follow-up
  • Structured, varied and adapted programs
  • Rich and educational activities
  • Classes adapted to age
  • An introduction to foreign languages
  • A discovery of French culture
  • High level of hygiene, health and safety (QHHS)
  • A multidisciplinary team qualified and involved
  • A healthy, spacious, bright environment
  • A loving and joyful atmosphere
  • Extension hours

Our Licenses and accreditation...