A breathtaking gallery in the image of our dynamism ...

Animal Awakening

Visit of poneys

Visit of sheeps

Meeting of the dog

Discovering of sea world

Musical and instrumental awakening

Awakening to the double bass

Awakening to the bassoon

Awakening to the violon

Awakening to the piano

Awakening to Mother Nature

Fruit and Vegetables market

Gardening time

Flower market

Harvest of the garden

Psychomotor development

Yoga sessions

Psychomotor exercices

All kind of sport

Learning a healthy life

Take care of yourself

Hygiene of life

Eat healthy

Social awakening

Pyjama day

Mother's day

Olympic Games

The discovery of the world around us

The fire truck

The backhoe loader

The farm world

Cooking time

Celebrations and memorable moments



The graduation day

The winter village

Geant show