Our Events and Projects

Every year, Perles d'Avenir organizes many events for families. A variety of events, which accompany each family in a moment of fantastic sharing or a moment of educational support: conferences, fair, educational workshop ... here are some examples bellow.

The PAN village...

Because the magic of winter amazes children so much ...

When: December 8, 2018

What: Feast of the Elves (The village of PAN)

Where: Hotel Intercontinental City

What is it: A party with many games around the theme of winter. Do you want, here is ... as far as the eye can see ... snow, snowman, chimney, ice floes, penguins ... and especially full of surprises. A wonderful time to spend with family for the wonder of children!

Event organized by Perles d'Avenir Nursery for the benefit of all families members of Doha Association.

Recycling project...

Because the environment is also at the heart of our concerns ...

When: 2018

What: shade of the playground

Where: Perles d'Avenir Nursery

What is it: Perles d'Avenir has called on many people to group more than 3,200 plastic bottles for the purpose of recycling effectively. A shade for the playground delighting the eyes of toddlers. A result more than positive!

Project created by Perles d'Avenir Nursery

The Winter market...

Because our end-of-year parties at Perles d'Avenir are precious memories ...

When: December 6, 2018

What: The winter market

Where: Perles d'Avenir Nursery

What it is: Like our traditional fairs: games, gifts, souvenirs ..., all under the magic of winter, a wonderful time of sharing between young and old. An unforgettable moment to live with family!

Event organized by the Perles d'Avenir Nursery team

Mothers' DAY...

Because moms are the most wonderful ...

When: March 21st, 2018

What: Qatar Mother's Day

Where: Perles d'Avenir Nursery

What is it: Moms, all moms will be honored: huged, pampered, kissed, cuddled ... We open our doors to all moms for two hour of wonderful moments. No absence will be tolerated :-) your pearl has concocted a magical moment only for you.

Event organized by Perles d'Avenir Nursery

5th Anniversary of Perles d'Avenir...

5 years already ...! This year, PAN will celebrate its 5 years of existence. An exceptional moment to not missed!

When: March 11, 2017

What: Celebration of 5 years

Where: Perles d'Avenir Nursery

What is it: A party for children aged 1 to 7 years old. A party regrouping : game stands, a pony ride, gifts to children, sales of books and objects at unbeatable prices, puppet shows ... and so much more

Event organized by Perles d'Avenir Nursery

Coffee meeting

Perles d'Avenir offers you a relationship more than privileged  ...

When: October 6, 2016

What: Coffee-Meeting

Where: Perles d'Avenir Nursery

What is it: In a process of accompanying families, this meeting is essential to good family & nursery relationships in order to create the necessary links of trust for children.

Event organized by Perles d'Avenir Nursery

Reptiles Giant puppets show...

Because the shows offer a moment of pleasure and laughter ...

When: March 2016

What: Giant Puppets Show

Where: Perles d'Avenir Nursery

What it is: A disguised show specially designed for our Pearls, to reinforce their learning, to awaken their imagination and their

curiosity ... as well as to spend

a pleasant sharing with all

his classmates.

Event organized by Perles d'Avenir Nursery

National Day of Qatar...

When: Dec. 10, 2015

What: Celebration of Qatar National Day

Where: Perles d'Avenir Nursery

What is it: a party dedicated to all families and children registered at PAN. We offer games, gifts, snacks and many other surprises like a falcon...

Event organized by Perles d'Avenir Nursery

Conference Dental Health...

When: March 15, 2014

What: Dental Health Conference

Where: Perles d'Avenir Nursery

What is it: A unique conference that lets you learn about early childhood best practices for your child's dental health ...

Conference presented in French by Dr. Rafif, Canadian Pediatric Dentist in partnership with Perles d'Avenir Nursery

Art-Crea' workshop...

When: May 14, 2013

What: Manual Workshop / Art

Where: Perles d'Avenir Nursery

What is it: workshop open to moms and their child under 3 years for an artistic session combining discovery, games ...

Event organized by Perles d'Avenir Nursery in partnership with the café maman-bébé of French Association Doha Accueil

Psychomot' session...

When: May 12, 2012

What: Psychomotricity session

Where: Perles d'Avenir Nursery

What is it: a parent-child meeting around a specialist in psychomotor skills to enjoy a special session adapted to babies and toddlers ...

Event organized by Perles d'Avenir Nursery